What Sam Rohrer Doesn't Tell You About His Tax Plan

What Sam Rohrer Doesn't Tell You About His Tax Plan

… It Will Raise The Personal Income Tax


DOES NOT ELIMINATE PROPERTY TAX! Only School Property tax would be eliminated on primary residences and farmsteads. (municipal and county property taxes would remain)

Businesses will have their property tax capped at the current rate. They will receive no reduction in property tax

… Takes Several Years To Implement And May NEVER Be Fully Implemented. During That Time You Will Be Double Taxed.

o Year One - School property taxes frozen at current levels.
o Year Two - reduced by 25% of current levels
o Year Three - reduced by 50% of current levels
o Constitutional Amendment required before the next reduction
o Year ??? - reduced by 75% of current levels
o Year ???+1 - 100% elimination

"Mr. CUTLER. So there will in fact be an overlap then of a period in time where we are paying property taxes at the full rate as well as an income tax and a sales tax?
Mr. ROHRER. That is correct, Mr. Speaker."

House Journal January 28, 2008

… It Is A True Death Tax

"Mr. READSHAW. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, as I was going through your amendment, through the exemption section, I could not find any definitive answer to my question, which is this: Will funeral services, funeral merchandise be taxed under your plan?
Mr. ROHRER. Mr. Speaker, under the broadening of the base, such a service as a funeral service, in fact, would be subject; yes.”

House Journal January 29, 2008

… Taxes Some Medical Services

"Mr. BOYD. Okay. So it is fair to say that we cannot say that all medical services would be tax-exempt. There may be some services or some procedures or processes that are taxed. You brought up the example of doing blood work. The person that takes the blood, that fee, whatever it is, if you go to your physician to get that done, would not be taxed, but the analysis and coming back with a report would be taxed.
Mr. ROHRER. Yes."

House Journal January 28, 2008

… Taxes Services And Fees Paid By Individuals Not Businesses

o Nursing home service fees
o Retirement home service fees
o Condo service fees
o Banking Fees (ATM, Checking, Loan, ETC…)
o Attorney Fees
o Accountant Fees
o Plumber Fees
o Carpenter Fees
o Electrician Fees
o And On, And On, Infinitum…

House Journal January 28&29, 2008

Sam Rohrer Claims He Has Spent The Last 16 Years Working On Eliminating Property Tax And This Is The Best He Can Do? The Last Time His Bill Came Up For A Vote, Only 47 Of The 203 Members Of The State House Voted For It.

"Rohrer took on each charge, arguing that he has supported reducing burdensome mandates on public schools and has worked on measures to eliminate property taxes since his first term in 1992."
Reading Eagle Oct 30, 2002