Health Care

Representative Sam Rohrer voted NO on HB 834 "The Prohibition of Excessive Overtime in Health Care Act" . By voting no Representative Sam Rohrer voted to put the safety of hospital patients at risk. More information on the bill can be found by clicking here.

Representative Sam Rohrer voted NO on creating the Jonas Salk Legacy Fund Program which would advance life-saving biomedical research to find cures for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Representative Sam Rohrer opposed it even though the research could save human lives and millions of dollars in health care costs. Creation of the fund would have used tobacco settlement funds and not tax dollars. It is estimated the fund would have created between 12,000 - 13,000 new biotechnology jobs.

Representative Sam Rohrer voted to keep the public out of meetings that determine which prescription drugs are available and paid for under the Medical Assistance Program, the same way Dick Cheney conducted all kinds of secret meetings that gave special interests more influence than our families.